My name is Sheera Hodge. I am from New York City, born and raised. I am 26 years old (soon to be 27). I am a certified wedding and event planner. I do not plan weddings but I do help other planners with their events. I focus mostly on the fitness aspect of the wedding industry. I became interested in the fitness lifestyle around the age of 19. I always had low self-esteem coming out of high school and in college as well. So I signed up for a couple of gyms throughout the years (Planet Fitness, Lucille Roberts, Bally’s, 24 Hours, Blink Fitness etc…). Then I met my boyfriend Dean and I became more involved in this lifestyle. Dean pushed me to my limits and because of that, I’ve grown so much throughout the years. Now I am a certified Personal Trainer and I want to help brides and grooms get in shape for their BIG day. I understand that this isn’t easy but it is totally worth it.