New Beginnings 

So right now my body fat is at 29.1%… for those who don’t know if that’s good or not, I’ll tell you. I’m technically over weight for my height (5’2″). I do weight 150 lbs & my BMI is at 27.9…. I want to bring my Body Fat down to at least 19% & my weight down to 120-135lbs… I plan on doing everything I can to make sure my goals get completed by July of this year. I do lift weights that’s why my body doesn’t look like it’s 150lbs… anyways starting next month in March I’m going to get back on supplements, which I’m not on right now… (everything I’ve been doing has been natural aka no supplements.) I’m working on my plyometric movements & increasing my heart rate with fasted cardio & swimming. I sit in the sauna and steam room every other day. I make sure that what I eat is going to benefit my body not just satisfy me. 
I know that it is hard trust me I know. I would love to help anyone who is willing to help themselves. Hit me up & I could probably help you get back on track. Just remember don’t be afraid to be a beginner! 


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