​Why did I start the gym?

I started going to the gym because I was disgusted with my body but I had no knowledge on how to be fit I didn’t use the machines properly, I didn’t even push myself as hard… When I attempted to run the most I did was 4.0 on the treadmill, when I used the machine I actually used every machine in the #gym every day but only did one or two sets. I didn’t eat #healthy at all I was so ignorant towards the #fit lifestyle that I use to eat fast foods and say I’ll burn it off later at the gym. Now I’ve changed my entire #lifestyle the way I eat think sleep and #workout. I feel more #confident #determined and #motivated. I have a great support system that stands by me 24/7. Everything I do now reflects a #positive outcome in my #future! & I will continue with my #fitness #journey just because it will never end.  I am willing to help anyone who is willing to help themselves… #fitnessblog #fitspiration #fitspo #DontGiveUp #ThisGirlisOnAMission 💪




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