Start of something NEW

Hi, my name is Lola and I am an up and coming personal trainer. I am currently studying for my NCSF CPT exam. I have been working out on and off for the past 6 years. In the past year, my life has turned inside out. I started training with my boyfriend Dean, he has way more experience in the fitness industry than I do. Before I started training with him I slacked off of the gym for a couple months. After a while not being in the gym I started to notice weight gain, fatigue, and even poor posture. It took a lot of guts to finally realize that starting over and over and over again was just a waste of time, money and I always kept quitting after a while. I always made up excuses why I shouldn’t go to the gym. After thinking about my situation at the time of always giving up and starting over, I realized that I needed to change my life for good. I was at my heaviest of 158LBS. Ever since I could remember my weight always ranged from 120-135lbs. To be at my heaviest of almost 160lbs I knew then that I needed to change drastically and I needed to stop QUITTING! Once I asked my boyfriend to help me train and become a better me, he conditioned my body back to its peak. That was back in March of 2016. This journey has been rough but worth it. 


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